• More of Kido’s wisdom ran through Alex’s mind: “Be especially compassionate toward the fool.” Easier said than done. – One Hand Killing
  • New Year's Eve Meditation and Celebration
    December 31, 2014 into January 1, 2015
    7:30PM to 12:00AM

    Join us for a lovely evening of sitting, chanting and making personal vows to welcome in the New Year, followed by refreshments and a bit of socializing.

    $20 or any donation you wish
    Reservations required by December 23



    Mindful Life Coaching

    "Better & longer lasting than a massage."

    Guidance to help you establish a daily spiritual practice to tame those racing thoughts and keep your life in balance.

    Private one-on-one full hour sessions at your convenience.
    In person, on the phone or via Skype.

    Call or email for fees and availability. (I do offer a sliding scale for those with limited income.)

    SPECIAL Holiday Pricing December 15 – January 15
    Give the gift of serenity to a loved one for only $75.
    Or treat yourself to this special inner massage.
    Longer lasting than any spa treatment!


    Building & Maintaining a Meditation Practice


    Sitting still, focusing on our breath and just listening are keys to knowing, training, and changing not only our minds, but our world. Eliminate fear, anxiety and anger. Gain self-mastery and love.

    Join this author, teacher, and Mindful Life Coach to learn how to establish and maintain a daily practice—your key to serenity. Sitting in silence, walking meditation, mindful listening, spiritual literature, and sharing experience are all part of the sessions. Beginners or experienced meditators, everyone is welcome.

    Schedule: Four Mondays, November 24 - December 15, 7:30-9:00PM
    $100 member; $110 non-member

    Location: The JCC in Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave. at 76th St.
    Makom Center – 7th Floor

    For more information, or to register, please call 646-505-5708


    Imperfect Partners: Making it Work

    A Practical Spiritual Approach to Being a Couple


    Do you feel that you are the only one committed to your relationship or that you could do better with someone else? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be in a relationship with someone like you? Do these feelings occur in every relationship you have? If so, it's time to look within your relationship and not outside of it. Whether you're 19 or 90, come learn that it's never too late to make things better. In this experiential workshop led by Nancy O'Hara and Michael Levine, you and your partner will learn to be together in a new and exciting way.

    Join Nancy O'Hara and Michael Levine for this new series.Nancy & Michael

    Five Mondays
    April 13 - May 11, 2015

    The JCC in Manhattan
    334 Amsterdam Ave. at 76th St.
    Makom Center – 7th Floor
    For more information, or to register, please call 646-505-5708


    Introduction to Meditation:
    Creating a Daily Practice

    A daily meditation practice is an important key to serenity. In this class, author, teacher and Zen life coach Nancy O'Hara will show us how to establish and maintain a daily practice. Using Zen teachings, zazen (sitting in dynamic stillness); and mindfulness (present moment awareness) we will cultivate our practice together and begin to create greater peace and harmony in our lives.

    The class will include instruction on how to sit still in the correct posture to help develop concentration and self-discipline; breathing exercises to increase focus, clarity and equanimity; and movement exercises (gentle yoga and walking meditation) to make clear that meditation is not a static activity, but rather a strategy for mindfulness in all situations. Each class will include sitting in silence, mindful listening, reading spiritual literature and sharing experience.
    Schedule TBA
    Location: New York Open Center, 22 East 30th Street

    Please call or email to confirm schedule, register and get directions.
    Prepayment required for all events.
    Schedule and fees subject to change.
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  • Quotes From Students

    I finally learned to meditate in a loving and supportive environment after trying for years on my own without success. –Suzanne


    I tremendously enjoyed the 6-week Intro to Meditation course. I’ve wanted to meditate for years and this course finally gave me what I needed to have a regular “sitting” practice. –Joan


    The class has been amazing for me. It has opened so many doors and helped me get in touch with my highest and most pure self. I feel honored to have been in Nancy O’Hara’s presence and I can’t wait to take the tools I have learned in her class into the next stage of my life. Thank you Nancy. –Kalae


    A wonderful combination of theory and practice and a great way to establish a daily practice. –Nicole


    I enjoyed this class because I felt so welcome and free. I never felt judged by the instructor or other students, which I think made this class so meaningful and effective for me. –Sarah


    This class was amazing, I got to learn to stay still and quiet the noise. My day was a lot clearer and present than in my head about what happened yesterday and who upset me and what do I need to do for Today! –Hasime


    This was a great introduction to meditation. I especially enjoyed the class readings. I’ve found it very challenging to meditate but I will keep trying. –Janet


    “You will find patience, calm, peace in your life with Nancy, I promise.” –Vanessa


    “Nancy’s teachings have opened the door to a serene, present and judgment free way of living. Thank you.” –Brenna


    “A wonderful experience. I believe I’m finally building a meditation practice. I feel more centered and present. I would definitely take this, or another, class with Nancy.” –Liz


    “I really enjoyed the class and I would have liked for the course to be longer. I will definitely continue with my meditation practice. I absolutely enjoyed reading the book (Find a Quiet Corner).” –Open Center Student