Just Listen – A Guide to Finding Your Own True Voice

If you read Just Listen and take its simple suggestions, a deep understanding of the mystery of your life will be gained. You will learn to appreciate the present moment and discover the truth that is always available to you there.


An insightful guide that takes you on an enlightening and empowering personal journey, Just Listen will help you to hear your one true voice and show you how to live a life that joyfully reflects it.

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“Men and women alike will find much wisdom and quiet strength in these pages. Just Listen is an eloquent guide to the inner peace we all desire.”
—John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus


“This is a clear, beautiful book that can help everyone. O’Hara’s writing is fine, compassionate, and always has a ring of truth. To learn to listen is to turn the world around.”
—Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones and Long Quiet Highway


“This book is a searchlight illuminating the wisdom and power of inner life. It will help anyone discover serenity and peace, which we need in our hectic times more than ever before.”

—Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Be Careful What You Pray For, Prayer Is Good Medicine, and Healing Words


“O’Hara’s practical guide to just listening places a gentle woman’s hand on the daily practice of meditation.”
—Perle Besserman, author of Owning It: Zen and the Art of Facing Life


“Breathe deeply, relax your body, empty your mind, and read Nancy O’Hara’s Just Listen. She gently guides you on the path to experiencing greater sereenity and discovering the passionate life you were born to live.”
—Robert Gerzon, author of Finding Serenity in the Age of Anxiety


“O’Hara is soothing and reassuring while at the same time encouraging of both small and larger steps toward real change and growth. Just Listen is an excellent guide to exploring both the inner depths and the outer world.”
Publisher’s Weekly


“Many of the techniques O’Hara shares for achieving the combination of inner peace and vital action will be familiar to any denizen of the self-help world: taking inventories, meditating, working to remove blocks to creative living, etc. O’Hara’s gift is for putting them all together cogently and charmingly.”


“Nancy O’Hara has crafted a wise book that provides practical guidance for finding and heeding the voice of our most knowing Self. Writing with clarity, warmth, and the assurance that we can all tap into inner wisdom, O’Hara outlines a gradual approach: First, learn to still the mind through breath awareness, and then use this serenity to discover your deeper truths and manifest them in your life. This is a book that can be read straight through, used as a workbook, and revisited again and again.”
Yoga Journal